Minima and Role from REBACARE®


Minima from REBACARE®
  • The seams have been welded and they are impenetrable for fluids and bacteria
  • The breathing filter repels fluids while allowing air to pass through
  • Body is relieved of pressure
  • Hygienic and comfortable to use
  • Meets the standards of EPUAP and fits within the WIP guidelines


Minima pillow a small, multi-purpose pillow. It is suitable for use as a headrest, between the knees and legs, or to provide opposite support when the patient is in a lateral position. The Minima Pillow is also suitable as a thorax pillow in prone position in the ICU.

Size: width 35 cm x height 25 cm


Role from REBACARE®

Role pillow can be used under the knees (Fowler) and can prevent a patient from rolling too far or rolling back. The Role can also be used in the prone position as a leg rest, to prevent pes equinus and bedsores around the knees. In combination with the Luna, the Role can be used as an abduction pillow in between the legs. The Role can be used under the elbows for patients who lean (heavily) on their elbows due to tightness in the chest (COPD), for instance.

Size: width 95 cm x height 35 cm

Security in hygiene and comfort

Minima and Role are suitable for:

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Minima and Role from REBACARE®