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Inventive medical products

REBACARE® is an innovative company that develops and produces products for health care. We offer comfort and relieve patients (preventive and curative) suffering from decubitus. REBACARE® offers the patient more mobility. The EPUAP-norm goes hand in hand with this goal.

REBACARE® develops and produces several devices:

On our website, you can find many other innovative assistive technology.

High-quality medical products

Over half of the decubitus wounds develop within four hours during long-term health-care service. 53% of all decubitus is heel-decubitus. We are convinced that this can and has to be changed for the better. It is our mission to develop high-quality medical products that can support the patient and help the patient to be free of pain as soon as possible. 

Our inventive medical products is suitable for:

Do you want to know what our medical products can mean for you or your institution? You can get in touch with Renata de Vries, phone number +31 6 49 32 76 39

REBACARE® means:  


Revalidatie - Rehabilitation


Behandeling - Treatment


Advies - Advice


Comfort in care, products and innovation

phone: +31 6 49 32 76 39

REBACARE® Inventive medical products

Inventive medical products

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REBACARE® Inventive medical products