REBACARE® is the specialist and market leader in the field of positioning

Our mission is to develop better medical supplies, providing support to patients and helping them to recover as quickly and pain-free as possible. REBACARE® focuses on the prevention and treatment of decubitus or bedsores, pes equinus, muscle strain and contracture.

REBACARE® develops, manufactures and markets medical supplies for the healthcare sector

The EPUAP standard serves as a guideline for all our processes. More than half of all bedsores occur in as little as 4 hours and during long-term care. 53% of decubitus patients suffer from heel pressure ulcers (V&VN Decubitus guideline). We are convinced that this must change and that there is room for improvement.

We have products for:

Our DPO (Dynamic Positioning Orthosis) recumbent orthoses, Flexion Abduction and Orthopedic Bandage shoe / heel protector (taking pressure off the heel) have unique characteristics that are tailored to the needs of the healthcare sector. The products are also suitable for use in the ICU and wards where COVID-19 patients are being treated.

REBACARE® also believes in sharing knowledge, by offering practical workshops and training and publishing various manuals. Want to know how our medical supplies can help you or your facility and can improve your prevalence score? Get in contact with the team.

REBACARE® means:  


Revalidatie - Rehabilitation


Behandeling - Treatment


Advies - Advice


Comfort in care, products and innovation

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REBACARE® Inventive medical products

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Hallmark EPUAP - European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel

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REBACARE® Inventive medical products