REBACARE®'s Bandage Shoe / Heel Protector

REBACARE®'s bandage shoe / heel protector

The innovative bandage shoe / heel protector made by REBACARE® provides the patient with extra mobility and significantly shortens the time a patient requires health care. This means that the patient won't suffer as long from his/her decubitus wound. The bandage shoe is a useful tool for easing the pressure on the heel, Achilles tendon and the malleolus. Additionally, it can bridge the period of time during which the patient cannot wear normal footwear.

Mobility with the bandage shoe / heel protector

Mobility is extremely important during recovery. By mobilising the patient as early as possible, the recovery and rehabilitation process are promoted. The bandage shoe is useful for diabetic wounds and decubitus wounds. It can also enable the patient to rest and can be worn in bed.

Opening the space around the heel

The position of the foot isn't corrected but accepted in the bandage shoe. By freeing the heel, Achilles tendon and the malleolus, the bandage shoe enables the healing of wounds.

Preventive use of REBACARE®'s bandage shoe / heel protector:

The bandage shoe / heel protector is suitable for

For extra specifications of the bandage shoe / heel protector, you can download the product leaflet here.

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REBACARE®'s bandage shoe / heel protector